1. Brand Profile

    The Tiger Force company was founded in 1998, we use high technologies to manufacture clothes from modeling to fabrication. The main trend is all seasons men's outwear, but we also produce shirts, pants, shorts, jeans and accessories. We have three main clothing styles: classic casual, sport casual and youth clothes. Nowadays our brand sales in more that 10 countries in Europe, such as: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, ect. And also in Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, ect.
    We have a professional team based in Beijing, designers and development engineers who developing each of our models. Factories that produce our clothes, cooperate with many famous companies. Our company has experience of collabration with brands like: The North Face, Nautica, Sisley, Savage, Kailas, Black Yak.
    During over 20 years on the market, our company has gained the reputation with excellent development, production, sales capability and premium quality. Every season we have a new collection which has an exclusive style, very comfortable to wear for long periods.



Tiger Force dossiers

1- Our brand was registered in the following countries, France, Italy, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, China, Germany, Mongolia, Poland and others.
2- Collection: fur jackets, spring jackets, autumn jackets, coats, wind coats, shirts, T shirts, shorts.
3- Brand lines: casual, casual sport, casual business.
4- Place of sales: European market
5- Consumer target: modern people, having fine taste and who enjoy life
6- Sales strategy: brand stores, regional representative



Brand style

Tiger Force  mainly specializes in 3 directions: casual, sport casual and business casual.

Fashion casual style
Men keeping to this style are self-confident and stand up for their choices. They do not neglect fashion and are always ready to try on new designer's ideas. Modern garments of leather and fur are sure to attract their attention.

Sports casual style
This style is represented by comfortable sport garment and expresses men's attitudes and life views. It is comfortable to wear in any occasion, either at work or at leisure. Men preferring this style are energetic, active and persistent. Practicing sports they do not forget about leisure.

Business casual style
This style is a new one: exquisite fabrics, simple but graceful layout. This style outlines special charm and manners of discreet men and especially suits prosperous businessmen and successful office workers.


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